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Many overseas pavilions will attend

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核心提示: 众多海外展团亮相 饱览各色美食风情 Many overseas pavilions attend, Get a good
  众多海外展团亮相 饱览各色美食风情
Many overseas pavilions attend,  Get a good view of amorous feelings of food
Asia (Beijing) international import food expo 2016, approved by the Ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, will be held in Beijing during April 14-16. Exhibition area reaches 35000 square meters, covering all food areas, from nutritional health products, organic and green food, high-end cooking oil and olive oil, coffee, chocolate and leisure food, wine and red wine, high-end water, coffee and other special drinks, etc. over1500 enterprises. "Taste global food, enjoy asia life", today, imported food has become necessary in People's Daily life and its economic benefits also soared. Imported foods with many characteristics, such as characteristic, pure taste, unique all over the world is popular among Chinese people, and people's consumption level also  rapidly improves and upgrades, food grade has gradually from the past, subsistence to nutritional, health, casual, flavor and experience respectively transformed, imported food has been more and more familiar and accepted by people, with a large economic market, 2016 Asia (Beijing) international import food expo establishes new indicator to the imported food industry in our country and build new mileage for imported food industry .
As the manager of the organize committee introduces, at present, the exhibition has got the support from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Australia, Austria and other overseas government and institution, there will be many overseas pavilion at this exhibition, showing the national domain affection of food,which  will be a beautiful scenery line on the exhibition ! In addition, there are "Moroccan food culture promotion" "olive oil competition", "product water tasting constest "" organic food BBS "and other many wonderful activities. The large world special delicious feast will take you to enjoy Asia amorous feelings of all kinds of taste and let you feel incisively and vividly, coming!  Numerous overseas high-quality foods  will  enter into the Chinese market through the international high-end platform, and meet with the Chinese consumers, promote  fast development of China's food industry!

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