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 Sri Lanka takes Sixtop brands of Red tea to attend AIFE 2016


New Year  2016 stars! Asia International Import Food Expo (short for "AIFE 2016" ) will be held at China International Expo Center soon from Apr.14 to Apr.16, 2016, This exhibition will show following products:


sweetmeat,chocolate & snack food      drink, juice, drinking water &instant drink;

coffee,tea & electuary drink;             beer, fruit wine, distilled spirit & wine;

milk products,dairy products &egg products;  cookies, cake & bakery products;

instant noodles, freeze-dried food & seafood;  oil, olive oil and& cereal products;

quick-freeze,frozen foods & ice cream;           health food, nourishment & organic food products;
flavoring & food ingredient products;  
fresh meat, bacon, canned food & seafood;    

food container, packaging equipment & food product machinery;
government organization, association, professional service organization & technology network.



As the organizing committee said, Sri Lanka will take their six top brands of red tea to attend 20th CIHIE•Asia(Beijing) International Import Food Expo 2016! This will be the second time for Sri Lanka Red tea companies to attend AIFE. 




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