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Application form

                      Application Form and Agreement

If you need, please sign “√” in “□”

My company is going to take part in the “Asia (Beijing)  International Import Food Expo 2017” at China International Exhibition Center during Apr.8-10, 2018 and promise to pay all costs, and follow the arrangement and direction by the organizing committee.

Company Name

In English:

Your name on lintel plate



Post Code








Contact person







Professional visitors you expect:

Apply to rent : use “√”

□Shell Scheme:  m× m=  m²    section,  No  / fee   US dollars

□Indoor space Only : ____m×____m=____ m²__________  No______/ fee_________

□Catalogue page:    color page  /fee ( free   )

Payment date:

USD:   ; We paid the rent   of booth price before    (Date), and mailed the remittance voucher to the organizer.

Account Name:

Beijing Shi BoWei International Expo Co., Ltd

Account Number:

3402 5634 5700 (SWIFTCODE: BKCH CN BJ 110)


Bank of China Beijing Branch


1. Exhibitors should abide by the regulations, no fake products and no infringements, no sublease, and no revocation in advance.

2. The exhibitors must remit money to the designated account by the sponsors within 7 days. Or the sponsors

are entitled to adjust some booth on the condition that the exhibitors agree with that.

3. This agreement is formally confirmed when exhibitors sign the agreement and pay the fees. Organizer is entitled to adjust certain booth when necessary, yet the exhibitors’ opinion are also needed.

4. The exhibitors need to cancel the contract because something happened, they must inform the organizing company of it, and pay the fee until the contract is canceled according to the item speculated in the contract.

5. The contract will be valid from the day it was signed to the end of the exhibition. Both parties must fulfill

respective rights and obligations, except for irresistible factors, any party mustn’t violate the agreement.








Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contact:Chen Yan



6.This agreement is in two copies, both party have a copy.(Faxed sealed copy is also valid for both party)


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