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2019 Asia (Beijing) International
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Invitation letter

Asia (Beijing) International Food and Beverage Expo & Import Food Expo 2018


               Date: Apr.8th - 10th ,2018   

Venue: China International Exhibition Center(No.6, Beisanhuan East Road)


Approved : Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

Sponsors:Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology

         Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology 

         China National Food Industry Association

Organizer:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd

          Shibowei (Shanghai) Exposition Co., Ltd

Website:www.aifoode.com /  http://en.aifoode.com/


【Market Prospect】 

Food industry chain has been a necessity in people's daily life, as well as an eternal evergreen industry, and its economic benefits have been risen in a straight line. The imported foods from all over the world because of its different characteristics, pure & unique taste is popular among Chinese people, and people's consumption level also has rapidly improved and upgraded. The food grade has transformed gradually from past subsistence to currently nutritional, health, casual, flavor and experienced changed. The imported food has become more and more familiar to public and accepted by people and the purchasing amount is rising with a large economic market in China as well.

 Import, high quality and specialty food continue to develop in many fields through hall-chains, depth and sustainability. Local food and imported high quality food have been never closely linked with each other. Beijing is a world-famous historic city, as well as the political, cultural and international communication center of our country, as well as a vibrant and energetic comprehensive industrial city. Its ancient and rich flavor mix the modern city’s flourishing, it is a city where even if you do not has been leave, but still attractive to you.It will never let you down, never let you feel lonely! And this achieved beijing. A stunning world food tour will start from this lovely Beijing city!

【Exhibition Introduction】

2018 Asia(Beijing) International Food and Beverage Expo & Import Food Expo(short for “AIFE”), is held by Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Company. And SBW is a professional exhibition organization dedicated to promoting China's great health industry towards globalization. To review AIFE2017,  Shanghai exhibition attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and brands from 30 countries: United States, Britain, France, Russia, Australia, Canada, Italy, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and so on. AIFE is based in three biggest cities: Beijing ,Shanghai and Chengdu, after 14 years’ accumulation and experience, it keeps close and long relations and cooperation with industry association, owning broad and stable client network, timely and accurate database and mature marketing ability. AIFE got more attention from exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, won high praises from dozens of national authorities. AIFE2018, keeping up with the trend of the market, will set up the new wind vane and open new mileage of imported food industry.


【Reasons for Participation】

1.Brand appeal--- to show image, improve industry position, brand value, awareness, honorary degrees among peers and customers;

2.Marketing strategy---to know the market information, expand sales channels, get market order, maintain the sales network;

3.To establish the import, wholesale, distribution, group purchase, retail sales channels;

4.To get big fans of your brand products. Your products are likely to attract attention and tracking propaganda nearly from hundred of professional and mass media, become a bright star in the product;

5.To obtain market orders - 14 years’ buyers purchasing database help you to open the treasure in the global market, to gain money, and win the reputation;

6.Since Shibowei·International Health Industry Expo successfully held, it has been named "National Key Leading Support Exhibition" by the Ministry of Commerce for three consecutive years.

【High Quality Buyers】

1.Huge , fixed, directed to invite the restaurant industry association (commercial) president and secretary from all over the China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, large upscale supermarket, catering enterprises in China;

2.The national star hotels and all kinds of brand chain hotels, evening show, trading company, food traders and buyers, food importers, food wholesalers, Chinese food hotel, western food hotel, fast food hotel, distributors, chain stores, bars, wine importers;

3.Wal-mart, Carrefour, Hua-Lian, Wu-mart, Century Lian-Hua, Jingkelong, Auchan, Lotus, Metro, traders, distributors, agents, gift coupon, large chain hotels and resorts;

4.Retails, general manager, executive chef and procurement director, national provinces and nearly fifty thousand purchasing managers of supermarkets and agents, to help establish a high-end brand exhibitors contacts circle, improve the efficiency of business development, reduce the transaction costs of cooperation;

5.Countries embassy in China as well as through collaboration with industry associations, to assist the organization of professional buyers to come to the exhibition;

6.During the organization, we will invite the exhibition industry pundits of imported food in China to hold related seminars about the development trend and market demand.

 【Exhibit Products】

◆ International(Import) Food Exhibition Area: world specialty food, leisure food, baby food, dairy products, bakery food, fruit and vegetable food, health food, condiment, canned tonics; pickled products, drinks, etc..

◆ Food Exhibition Area: convenient nutritious food; livestock and poultry meat products; dried meat jerky, halal food; bean products; egg products; fruit characteristics; bee products; flour products, candied fruit; food chains etc..

◆ Sugar,Wine&Non-staple Foodstuff Exhibition Area: (A) liquor; health wine; yellow rice wine; fruit wine; wine; beer; foreign wine and all kinds of beverage products; fruit juice, coffee; high-end tea water drinks and so on. (B) all kinds of nuts roasted seeds and nuts, puffed, jelly preserved fruit and marine leisure food; leisure vegetarian; fruits and vegetables; candy, chocolate biscuits and so on.

◆ Famous&Brand Products Exhibition Area: china time-honored brand; geographical indications protection products; original regional specialty products; corporate champion; well-known trademark of china, family farm; green food; organic food; food ingredients products etc..

◆ Grain and Oil&Condiments Exhibition Area: grain and oil products, condiments, edible oils, olive oil and seasoning oil products; western food condiment and so on.

◆ Water&Frozen Food products Exhibition Area: all kinds of dry ice, and fresh water aquatic products; processed seafood, surimi products; sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood; marine biological products and ocean deep processing products; frozen food and food buffet.


AIFE concurrent activities will set prizes for you to take. In order to promote visibility and reputation of enterprise brand , show excellent product quality and service, AIFE will hold awards activities. The organizing committee will set the "Gold Medal" award; "Recommend New Product" award; "Quality Products” award, “Top ten brands" award, etc.; Sponsoring units involved will get a dozen services with publicity (please ask for the organizer about related condition details). On the exhibition a series of exciting activities will be launched, which is regarded as the exhibition’s highlight characteristics. There are themes related foods, such as "Italy, France, United States, Germany, Japan Cookers Show Food”, “2018 Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Tasting", "Happy Baking Garden", "Olive Oil competition", "Wine Tasting", "World Barista Competition Pageant", "World Beverage Brand Innovation Awards", "Gourmet Academic Exchange Discussions Forum" etc. The large world special delicious foods feast will take you to enjoy all kinds of tastes in Asia and unwilling to leave here.


【Participation Procedures】

1.Exhibitors must have effective business license and other legal documents.

2.After the exhibitors book the booth, please fill in the Application Form carefully. and then send the Application Form with stamp and signature to the organizing committee.

3.The organizing committee will follow the principle: "Applied first, Paid first, Served first". Within 7 days after the exhibitor receives “Booth Confirmation”, you should make full payment or 50% into the account of organizing committee, Expire, the organizing committee has the rights to cancel your participation.

4.The organizing committee have rights to change and move some confirmed booths considering the safety problem and the whole image.


 A I F E


AIFE 2018---Service Price

Ⅰ. Booth Price






Standard booth


include: lintel plate, a negotiating desk, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet, booth height:2.5m(10% extra fee for corner booth)


Luxury booth


include: lintel plate, a negotiating desk, a round table, five chairs, a 220v power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet, the painting and design of the pictures for publicity(You can ask organizing committee for design sizes), booth height:3.5m(10% extra fee for corner booth);

Over 36㎡

(“T” area)



No equipment and furniture; set up stand by yourself



 ⅡAdvertisement Price

  Journal Layout

Catalog over

Catalog Back Over

Color Page Spread

Catalog Cover

(the second, third page)

Color Pages inside of Catalog

Black and white Pages of Catalog







Advertising Prints


Invitation Letter


Card Box

Visitors’ badge(exclusive)

Document Lanyard

$900/ 10000pcs

$900 /1000pcs

$1000 /1000pcs


$5000 /20000pcs




Exhibition Site

Ball(diameter: 3m)

banner: 15m×1.4m

Hanging String Flag

banner(20 sides/line)


Wall Banner

Width: 24m

Height: 4m

Wall Banner

Height: 10m Width: 0.8m

Road Flag








 Forum Price

70 person


Notes:(include following services)

1.provide technical equipments( Platform, chair) and 1 bucket of water;

2.provide power socket, projector, stereo, microphone;

3.provide broadcasting service and audience organization;

80 person


160 person



 Organizing Committee:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd

Address: Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No 69 (Fortune street), Chao Yang Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China, 100123

Contact: Chen yan   Mob: 008618610288013

E--mail: zainkan@sbwexpo.cn

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