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2020 Asia (Beijing) International
Food and Beverage Expo & Import Food Expo
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Asia (Beijing) International Food and Beverage  & Import Food Expo 2020

Date: Apr.15th - 17th ,2020   

Venue: China International Exhibition Center(No.6, Beisanhuan East Road)


Approved : Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

Sponsors:Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology

         Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology 

         China National Food Industry Association

         Beijing Catering Trade Association

Organizer:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd

Co-organizer:Beijing Baiwei Exposition Co., Ltd


Market Prospect

Food industry chain has been a necessity in people's daily life, as well as an eternal evergreen industry, and its economic benefits have been risen in a straight line. The imported food from all over the world because of its different characteristics, pure & unique taste is popular among Chinese people, and people's consumption level also has rapidly improved and upgraded. The food grade has transformed gradually from past subsistence to currently nutritional, health, casual, flavor and experienced changed. The imported food has become more and more familiar to public and accepted by people and the purchasing amount is rising with a large economic market in China as well. High-end, characteristic and imported snack food continue to develop in many fields through hall-chains, depth and sustainability. High-end, characteristic and imported snack food continues to develop in a multi-field, full-chain, deep-level and sustainable direction.The food from all over the world has landed in the Chinese market.Over the next 10 years, China's food consumption will grow by 50%, according to data, in 2020, imported food in China will enter the golden decade of the rapid development of blowout, and market share will reach $480 billion. With China's large population base and rich consumption level, the leisure food import is brewing in many new market opportunities. So the food industry creative new efforts, and food manufacturing is in urgent need of upgrading.China's food industry will usher in new development opportunities, leading a new round of investment frenzy. A world food tour opens soon in the Chinese Capital (Beijing).

Exhibition Introduction

To take advantage of the industry's momentum, and people's urgent need for food safety and health, 2020 Asia(Beijing) International Food and Beverage Expo & Asia food Expo(short for “AIFE”), is held by Beijing Baiwei Exhibition Co.,ltd which is a subsidiary company of Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Company. And SBW is a professional exhibition organization dedicated to promoting China's great health industry towards globalization. To review AIFE2019,  Beijing exhibition, showing area reaches 50,000 square meters. There are 1,500 standard booths and 1,276 exhibitors, 16 International delegations from New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Iran, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, France, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong. 9 national cities and region pavilion(Fujian, Chengdu, Ningxia, Chengde city, Guizhou, Guangzhou, Jilin, Hennan, Guang xi Yulin,CHINA STATE FARMS AGRIBUSINESS ), attendance of 74262 people, over 10 international purchasing group, 146 media present, 1200brands dressed up. Gathering all kinds of food enterprises to display on the same platform conforms to the development trend of the industry, and facilitates the all-round and in-depth trade negotiations between the supply and demand parties. Build a high-end food international trade platform in Asia, enhance the popularity of quality products in the industry, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among the industry. AIFE is based in three biggest cities: Beijing ,Shanghai and Chengdu, after 16 years’ accumulation and experience, it keeps close and long relations and cooperation with industry association, owning broad and stable client network, timely and accurate database and mature marketing ability. AIFE got more attention from exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, won high praises from dozens of national authorities. AIFE2020, keeping up with the trend of the market, will set up the new wind vane and open new mileage of imported food industry. 


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