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Price List

Ⅰ. Booth Price







Standard booth


include: lintel plate, a negotiating desk, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet, booth height:2.5m(10% extra fee for corner booth)


Luxury booth


include: lintel plate, a negotiating desk, a round table, five chairs, a 220v power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet, the painting and design of the pictures for publicity(You can ask organizing committee for design sizes), booth height:3.5m(10% extra fee for corner booth);

Over 36㎡

(“T” area)



No equipment and furniture; set up stand by yourself


 Ⅱ Advertisement Price

  Journal Layout


Catalog over

Catalog Back Over

Color Page Spread

Catalog Cover

(the second, third page)

Color Pages inside of Catalog

Black and white Pages of Catalog







Advertising Prints



Invitation Letter


Card Box

Visitors’ badge(exclusive)

Document Lanyard

$900/ 10000pcs

$900 /1000pcs

$1000 /1000pcs


$5000 /20000pcs


 Exhibition Site 

(*The following advertisements shall only be issued during the period of development, and the organizers shall not be liable for compensation for the termination of the advertisements due to natural disasters or force majeure.)


Ball(diameter: 3m)

banner: 10m×0.9m

Arch door (18m span)

Specification: 10m×0.8m.


Billboard ads for outdoor squares.r

Width: 8m

Height: 5m

Moving Ads board


Road Flag








 Forum Price


70 person


Notes:(include following services)

1.provide technical equipments( Platform, chair) and 1 bucket of water;

2.provide power socket, projector, stereo, microphone;

3.provide broadcasting service and audience organization;

80 person


160 person



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